Vietnam is now facing the dangers of environmental insecurity such as climate change and sea level rise which are threatening the sustainable development of the country and the living hood of the people, water resources’ conflicts and disputes, “ecological invasion” which poses the problem of ecological imbalance and the possibility of turning the country into an industrial landfill, and “self-destruction” which is an ongoing internal factor to jeopardize our national environmental security.

These dangers mostly derive from limitations on policies, regulations as well as on the mechanisms to implement them. Studies on how to improve Vietnamese policies and regulations relating to environmental security, and strengthen the capacity of environmental protection agencies from other jurisdictions’ experiences are truly in need.

The international conference “The Interrelationship between Environmental Protection and Political-Social Stability and Economic Development from the Legal Perspective” is one of the important ways to diversify teaching materials for Vietnamese and international environmental laws in connection with other areas of law including business, civil, administrative, criminal and international law at Ho Chi Minh City University of Law.

The Conference welcome representatives of relevant governmental agencies in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, experts from local and foreign organizations, research centers and universities, legal professionals and the press agencies in Vietnam