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Areas of activity

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Các hoạt động của Trung Tâm1. Information: Gather information, legal documents, building databases to support the research and academic faculty, students, human rights and civil rights. Organizing the information exchange channels, exchange of research results in this area among researchers, teachers, collaborators and students.

2. Research Center for the implementation of scientific research, depth of human rights and civil rights. Research activities at the Center based on the reality of Vietnam and international legal experience. The research centers ranging from basic human rights and citizens' economic, social, political and civil rights to other rights such as health care, education, access information ....

3. Education: Develop training programs, teaching courses in human rights at university (undergraduate and postgraduate).

4. Cooperation: To be the joint research and training to individuals, organizations and research institutions, universities and research institutes in the country and international human rights instruments.

The operation is done

Since its establishment, the Center has been the help and support of many collaborators, colleagues, Vietnam and internationally. Despite many difficulties at first, but the Center has conducted equipped technical infrastructure and strengthening human resources. The center also sent officials and experts participating in the training of professional information management and library officials, collaborators participating in the workshop in the country.

Currently, the Center is the priority for the following activities:

(I) the study of human rights and citizenship in the administrative area (relating to Administrative Law), in the area of criminal (in relation to the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law), as well as international conventions on human rights;

(Ii) support research on human rights law's co-workers, teachers and students;

(Iii) organizing workshops and seminars to exchange research results on human rights and civil rights.

In addition, the Center continues to appoint officials and teachers attended workshops in the country to enhance research capacity. In addition, the Center will also conduct capacity building to use language to collaborators, continue to improve equipment and personnel for the center.

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