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The NODYPEX research network is a continuation of the academic and scientific cooperation of «Jean Monnet Center of Excellence» (CEJM) of Rennes (France), which later became the «Scientific Interest Group (GIS)-EUROPE», and the «Western Institute of Law and Europe» (IODE) UMR-CNRS 6262 of Rennes, on the one hand, and Canadian and Vietnamese universities, on the other hand:

Thus, the Foreign Trade University of Hanoi has hosted a delocalized Master 2 program of Rennes 2 University in «Europe-Asia economic relations» since 2009. Moreover, several IODE and CEJM members  participated in symposia on the EU-ASEAN partnership hosted by FTU, at the initiative of Professors Michel Trochu and Abdelkaleq Berramdane of Tours University. This is the first element of genesis and affiliation of the NODYPEX initiative to ASEAN and Vietnam.

The second element of genesis concerns the scientific cooperation between CEJM of Rennes and IODE (Rennes 1 University), on the one hand, and Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) through its «Center for the study of integration and globalization» (CEIM), and the University of Ottawa, on the other hand.  

Between 2013 and 2016, several IODE and CEJM members took part in a number of scientific events in conjunction with UQAM and the University of Ottawa, as part of a scientific program labeled and funded by the «France-Canada Research Fund» (FCRF) on the «Reconfiguration of transatlantic relations». Professors Christian Deblock (UQAM) and Joël Lebullenger (Rennes 1 University) were the co-directors of this scientific program.

This scientific cooperation translated into the organization of two workshops via videoconference, which resulted in the publication of the first book in French on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between EU and Canada (« Un nouveau pont sur l’Atlantique, l’Accord économique et commercial global entre l’Union européenne et le Canada » (dir. Christian Deblock, Joël Lebullenger, Stéphane Paquin), Presses Universitaires du Canada, 2015 (327 pages) and in the organization of three international symposia, of which two in Rennes (one on «EU and indigenous peoples» organized by Nathalie Hervé-Fournereau, DR  CNRS and IODE member, and the other on the «Parliamentarization of regional integrations», organized by Professor Isabelle Bosse-Platière of Rennes 1 University and IODE member). The last symposium of the program was held in Montreal and Ottawa and it dealt with «Transatlantic and Trans-Pacific partnerships in the era of interconnection». It resulted in the publication of a book entitled «Génération TAFTA. Les nouveaux partenariats de la mondialisation » (dir. Christian Deblock, Joël Lebullenger), by Presses universitaires de Rennes (PUR) in 2018 (351 pages).

It is in this context, and in relation to the above mentioned cooperation practices, that the project to develop a research network on the «New EU External Partnerships Dynamics in Asia-Pacific» (NODYPEX) was born.

The Hanoi international symposium of 9-10 October 2017 on the «EU-ASEAN partnership faced with competing partnerships of Asia-Pacific powers», whose program was conceived by Professors Joël Lebullenger (Rennes 1 University), Danielle Charles–Le Bihan (Rennes 2 University), Nguyen Minh Hang (Dean of the FTU Faculty of Law), marked the start of the creation of the NODYPEX  research network.

This congress, which was organized by Hanoi FTU  with the support of Rennes Universities, GIS-Europe of Rennes, IODE, AUF and the French Embassy to Hanoi, brought together 31 contributors, members of the following universities and institutes: IFRI of Paris, FTU of Hanoi,  University of Law of Hô Chi Minh City, Chinese University of Hong-Kong, Tsinghua University School of Law of Pékin, University of Brunei Darussalam, UQAM-Canada, University of Sherbooke-Canada, University of Laval-Canada, University of Ottawa-Canada, University of Gand-Belgium, Bocconi University of Milan, University of Tours-France, University of Rouen-France, Rennes 1 and Rennes 2 Universities-France, the Institut Mines-Télécommunications Atlantique-France.

The second meeting of the NODYPEX network took place in Rennes on 12-13 November 2018, within the framework of an international workshop on «Sustainable development and human rights in the EU partnership agreements with Asia-Pacific countries». This scientific event organized under the aegis of GIS-Europe of Rennes and of Rennes Universities by Professors Danielle Charles-Le Bihan, Nathai Hervé-Fournereau and Joël Lebullenger, brought together 23 contributors, members of the following insitutions: FTU of Hanoi, University of Law of Hô Chi Minh City, University of Economics of Danang, Hitosubashi University of Tokyo, UQAM, University of Gand, University of Tours, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) of Rennes, Rennes 1 and Rennes 2 Universities.

The third international congress of the network will be hosted by the University of Law of Hô Chi Minh City (25-26 /11/19) and the Faculty of Law of Chiang Mai-Thaïlande (28-29/11/19).

On the scientific level, the members of the NODYPEX research network wish to carry on fostering the multidisciplinary viewpoint, which proved its worth on the occasion of the previous scientific events.

The following goals have been set for the NODYPEX research network : 1) to obtain a «snapshot» of the already accomplished partnerships between EU and ASEAN; 2) to start developing a prospective reflection on the evolution and interaction of the partnership networks implemented by EU, USA, China, ASEAN, Japan in the Asia-Pacific region; 3) to assess the impact of the American, Chinese, Japanese, ASEAN and other initiatives in Asia-Pacific on the future of the ASEAN regional integration and the UE-ASEAN  partnership relation.

Professors Joël Lebullenger, professor emeritus of the University of Rennes 1, Jean Monnet Chair of Law, member of Western Institute Law and Europe (IODE-UMR-CNRS 6262)

 Danielle Charles–Le Bihan, Professor of the University of Rennes 2, Jean Monnet Chair of Law, member of Western Institute Law and Europe (IODE-UMR-CNRS 6262)